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Brief Clash of Clan Gem Guide

Posted by on Jan 19, 2016

If you are beginner in the awesome tactical game Clash of Clans, you will definitely need some help! And help is here – we will give you some of the most practical hints in the game, tips and tricks that may save your day, or your nerves in the game. In a case that you think it is easy game, well…

Clash of clans is strategic game by definition, but is is not the battle where strategy is present, it is in the domain of management, resources management, to be more precise. Yes, resources are the most important factor in this game. It is still important to know how to attack and defend, but in core concept you can not be successful in Clash of Clans if you do not have clash of clans gemmes gratuites and right understanding of basic management. In this term, Clash of Clans looks like mixture of |Sim and Heroes of Might and Magic, if you know what I meant. In any case here are some useful hints: Everything in the game revolves upon one thing – resources. Resources in the game are available in different forms, Gold, elixir, Dark Elixir and Gems. The Gems are the rarest resource in the game, more then that, they are premium currency in the game, if we can say it like that, it is a fact because you can buy Gems in game store for real money. Why are they so important? Well you can do almost anything in the game with Gems -you can speed up your buildings or upgrade your troops or… At later levels, upgrading of your structures can last for days and weeks, therefore you can do your own calculation – Gems are very important! At the beginning of the game, you will be given short tutorial and options to use Gems for upgrading your structures on level 1. Do not do this!

You can save your Gems, and believe me, you will desperately need them later in the game! You will not lose anything in the tutorial, but you will gain additional sum of Gems that can speed up your upgrading when you really need it. Another useful way of collecting Gems is removing obstacles in your village/base. You can engage in clearing obstacles – rocks/trees and as reward you can collect smaller sum of Gems. From time to time you will be able to collect special Gem Box that consist of 25 Gems! Be persistent in your chores, and you can collect significant sum of Gems on this way.
Finally, you can get Gems by finishing different challenges in the game, whereas Sweet victory challenge is specifically interesting. In any case, try to always use your Gems in the game only when you will need them, never spend them without purpose. Clash on!

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FIFA 16 – How to manage consumables?

Posted by on Jan 3, 2016

Start in FIFA Ultimate Team is not easy, since there is new information to be taken into account. Indeed, the misuse of consumables could block your progress towards a more competitive team. So we’ll give you some tips  – fifa 16 ultimate team hack – on consumables in the game.

We will focus on three types of consumables that are essential in this mode (contracts, forms, and care), because without a good use of these, you will be held in progress. No alternative plea can replace contracts (unless they sell and buy back the same player), but on the other two, there is indeed another method (which we will discuss later).
Career, when you transfer a player within your club, you offer a contract for one or more years, but in the Fifa Ultimate Team mode, it is replaced by “contract” consumables that allow players to perform matches up to certain limits. Obviously there will then renew the contract.

There are three types of contracts, contracts bronze. silver and gold. Each contract applied to a player allows the latter to perform a few games, then After a while, it will be impossible for him to do it again, and it will then apply another contract.Depending on the player’s level (bronze, silver or gold), it is worth taking a suitable contract. Indeed, applying a rare bronze gold contract to a player that will add her 3 small games.
Those who are accustomed to the series have undoubtedly noticed that players get tired a lot quicker on FIFA 16. Thus, at the end of each match, players lose an average of 5-7 dots (including Midfielder and Forward ). Since an element forms a rare gold costs about 1000 credits, you will begin losing lot of money if you do not use the right methods. Should we buy them separately or use of consumables rare form? It will take at least 1,850 credit if you buy rare form of non-consumables. This technique is more expensive of course, but as players get tired differently depending on the position, you will not use consumable for all 4 games.

Some coaches have a point or points of negotiation. Thus, some additional games will be granted to your contracts based on the number of points your club negotiations.Indeed, such gold coaches can increase the number of games a contract applied by 1%, while the coaches rarely gold increased by 3%. This may seem small at first, but be aware that the effects are cumulative! So, three coaches, for example, can increase the effect of your contracts by 9%.

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Attack and Loot in Clash of Clans – Definitive strategy

Posted by on Dec 30, 2015

Clash of Clans is an addictive game that requires a good knowledge of attack strategies to get maximum resourcess. I see people every day on the subway trying to go after this game. The gameplay is pretty simple – you need to build the village, create your defenses, collect resources and gold. In short, the game is not too complicated. Well this is not the case! You can have a good time withouth too much hassle to get gold. Here are some of the best tips Clash of Clans tactics.

Different resources are stored in different locations in the game. How much is your attack power? Think about Clash of Clans Triche and positioning your troops because it is part of effective strategy. How to carry out such tactics? If you want to leave an attack even before it begins, I suggest you move to the end of the game. You will keep your trophies as you will not have deployed troops launched or spells. Make sure that the abandonment option is simply not visible. Did you think that barracks are just to train troops? False. If you had not noticed, you can position in standby a large number of troops even when you are offline. To improve your troops, you must spend a precious resource: the Elixir. You can cancel production without penalty training. This means you can fill your barracks of soldiers and store in this way your Elixir. With this secret, they are safe.

In defense the walls are your friends! Although simplistic, this trick is important – improve your walls. I advise you to focus on until your walls are upgraded to 3rd level. Then look a little the general appearance of the walls in enemies base: If you do not have a huge strike force, do not try to break the high level walls. At the same time, check how the village is built: is it surrounded by a single wall? That’s a good point. Is each building protected by a wall?

What are defenses and where they are placed? Initially, avoid villages with two mortars. What is level of Archer Towers and Cannons?Here’s a little tactical trick to get Elixir.The easiest strategy for Farming practice is by lowering your trophies to 200 and use your Goblins. Indeed, lowering your trophies, matches will be found very simple and your opponents will be easy to beat. Goblins are one of the weakest troops, and we only need about 20-40 goblins for 30,000 gold and elixir from a poorly protected village.

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